Native starches

Starch has been an important ingredient in cooking since ancient times. It is used in the manufacturing of meat products, sauces, dairy products, bakery products and many others. LYCKEBY CULINAR a.s. offers both native potato starch and a special range of physically modified starches, whose properties are similar to modified starches. These starches can be used in all areas of the food industry.

Modified starches

We offer a wide range of cook-up and cold-swelling modified starches for most applications and processes in the food industry.



Dextrins form a group of special products derived from starch by thermal hydrolysis. They are not considered additives under current European legislation. Thanks to their unique properties, they can successfully replace additives in many applications. Examples include coating blends, bakery and confectionary products, pasta, chocolate, candies, etc.

Functional blends

LYCKEBY CULINAR a.s. offers blends where the base ingredients are mainly starches and hydrocolloids. These blends are developed and manufactured in our plant in Horažďovice to customer specifications.

Gluten-free blends

The only known and effective way to treat celiac disease and gluten allergy is to eliminate gluten from the diet through a lifelong gluten-free diet. Although this diet helps people control the symptoms of the disease and prevent complications, more and more people choose to live gluten-free as a lifestyle choice – for better digestion or detoxification of the body. The right gluten-free diet should not only have an adequate calorific value, but also supply the body with the necessary macro and micronutrients.

LYCKEBY CULINAR gluten-free blends are a unique combination of our know-how and experience with functional ingredients, together with the aroma and taste of spices and scents.

Spices, seasonings and dried fruits

Spices have been used to flavour food since time immemorial. They impart a specific sensory taste, aroma and sometimes complete the overall presentation of food. Spices are obtained from plants, trees and/or their parts, which contain higher concentrations of sensory substances.

LYCKEBY CULINAR a.s. offers, in addition to individual spices and seasoning blends also tailor-made blends. The blends are developed and manufactured in our plant in Horažďovice.

Seeds and dried fruit, such as raisins, coconut, etc., also have their place in our range.


Potato fibre is one not insignificant product of potato starch. It has unique binding properties and a neutral flavour.



Our range of products for the food industry is constantly expanding. In addition to a wide range of our own self-developed and manufactured products, our portfolio includes a large assortment of products from around the world.


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